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SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY very much stands on high quality performance with the principal, therefore acts according to these following non-exhaustive guidelines:

1. Send proforma D/A’s to principals, when and where possible, upon appointment as agent in order to avoid delay in the communication with them.
2. Inform Owners/Principals closely about berthing prospects, vessels waiting for berth.
3. Inform Owners/Principals on a daily basis about vessel’s performance, giving ETC, ETS and ETA next port of call .
4. Upon vessel’s departure send to Owners/Principals by fax, Email (scan pdf) all documents relating to the vessel’s operations
5. Inform Owners/Principals about requests for cash to master, fresh water, any other supplies/provisions .
6. Inform Owners/Principals immediately about any changes in ports rules/regulations, tariffs, environment rules/regulations, this is of utmost importance for SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY .
7. Inform Owners/Principals immediately about any problem that might arise whilst vessel is under SOMACI agency responsibility (pirate attack, oil spilling…….)
8. Provide Owners/Principals with terminal handling manuals and updates, when and where possible .
9. Assist Owners/Principals when and where possible at meetings with port authorities and oil terminal handling operators.

Nota bene:

SOMACI Shipping Agency agreed on consolidated agency fee based on a 72 hours standard call (time to count as from NOR accepted) which includes: - Standard agency fees
- Standard communication (fax, phone, Sat)/mail/DHL,
- Transport of port officials
- Normal liaison with vessel, any taxes, petties, in and outward clearance by agents,
exclude any extra daily agency fee over 72 hours, VAT or any other taxes, when and where applicable, launch and/or helicopter services.
These fees must not be more than
 fees paid by any other vessel send by Owners / Principals.


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SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY is managed by a team composed of a team leader, administrative and operational staff to provide support in office management, vessel management handling operations and repair issues on board of the ship’s voyage management who coordinates vessels operations with agents etc…., procurement purchase ship’s stores and supplies.

Action points for Operation department in this respect:
a) Assist with airline tickets, arrange hotel accommodation, arrange transportation to and from the airport/vessel/hotel
b) Give information on vessel’s movements
c) Provide any general information which
 Superintendant might need
d) Provide specific information concerning vessel requests
 which may come through the Marine Superintendant.
e) Give general support: quick response to issue
 as well as vessel services.
SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY believes in a strong agency service with principals.


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Safety and environment are of utmost importance for SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY.
SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY will provide agency service with a safety guide and list of its vendors.
In the event of oil spill, SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY will provide a Response Plan/Immediate Response and work closely with P&I Club of Owners/Principals.
Action points:
a) What spill prevention measures are taken/material is available in the ports/terminals of our country?
b) Provide with any existing laws/regulations regarding oil spill in your country ports.

d) Provide with an emergency plan to be adhered in case of an oil spill in our area (authorities, P&I Club, officials to be contacted)
e) In the event of an oil spill in our area, we immediately inform Owners/Principals of the event as well as about notifications that have been made and what has been done as response.
SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY will act for Owners/Principals as follows:
- mobilize local oil spill response resources for clean up
- Assist in making appropriate regulatory agency notifications
- Assist in notifying P&I Club
- Establish communication with principals and periodically advise a
 of the situation status.


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Vessel clearance has to be obtained prior to port calls. A clearance is an approval use a specific ship to load and discharge at specific ports, terminals and berths either for one voyage or over the course of a specific period of time.
The clearance is given during the commercial transaction.
SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY is aware that incorrect information may result in big losses for Owners/Principals.
Actions Points:
a) Immediately reply to Owners/Principals about information requested
 ; if not all information can be given at once at least give the information already at hand!
Give name of vessels that called at the requested port/terminal. This can already help. SOMACI will never remain silent, but will confirm that they are working on it.
b) Any changes in port/terminal regulations/restrictions should immediately be reported to Owners/Principals. It is also a must for SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY to provide Owners/Principals with any other useful port/terminal information.
c) Any changes in the variable port cost should also be reported to Owners/Principals.


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SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY assists Owners/Principals for vessels by getting good quotation from vendors.
Action points :
a) Stores/supplies requested by Master and billed in Disbursement Account must be supported by a copy of the order form duly bearing the requisition number.


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SOMACI SHIPPINGY AGENCY performance is regularly measured by means of a rating system. This rating system is implemented as it is, but can be reviewed with masters in order to have it as objective as possible.
Actions points:
a) Ensure quick dispatch of vessel
b) Acknowledge receipt of messages received from vessel’s master
c) Keep master advised about berthing prospects
d) Liaise with port authorities, suppliers, terminals and vessel
e) Provide   master with any other useful information . This list is not exhaustive.


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Needless to say that this is also of utmost importance. SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY settles all possible ways for better and quicker communication. E-mail, others. Any useful information should be passed on immediately.


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SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY asks for funds advance only request is supported by an invoice (Proforma D/A, bunkering proforma invoice…). All Disbursement Accounts are sent to Owners/Principals. It can be on SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY format or Principals format (in that case SOMACI will strictly follow rules relevant to that format).
All those actions and precisions are because that success and satisfaction of principals are our highest priority.

Attachment I
SOMACI SHIPPING AGENCY Agent Performance Rating System
Vessel: Port: 
Please rate above agent’s performance for the factors shown below.
(1-Poor, 2-Fair, 3-Good, 4-Very Good, 5-Excellent)
*Explanation required for ratings of 1 or 2 in any given category.

  1. Overall communication with vessel
  2. Delivery of stores and parts
  3. Delivery of ship’s mail
  4. Servicing the needs of the vessel
  5. Overall performance of agent while vessel was in port

Other comments:
Good Performance by Agent (Routine Business only this call).
Communication: Agent did not acknowledge any of our Messages.


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